Sample News Page – 04

We strive to provide an inspirational care provision in order to raise the aspirations of vulnerable and socially excluded children in society. We have a commitment to service-user involvement, empowerment, and development to help children achieve their full potential. Through our ethos of communities, rights and inclusion we ensure each child/young person is valued, listened to and their needs met. Our principal objective at Inspire Care is to provide a quality of life that is as close to a family environment as can be achieved, by using a good parenting approach alongside praise and rewards ensuring consistent boundaries and achievable outcomes.

We believe that the young person’s environment is integral to achieving child centred outcomes and strives to ensure it is supportive of their healing process/journey. It is our belief that our homes achieve the perfect balance between the foundations of a family home and the provision of extensive care and education which allow children and young people to thrive and achieve positive and aspirational outcomes whilst been in an inspiring environment to achieve their individual maximum potential. Our homes have their own personality, which is centred on a therapeutic model of care and allows us to cater for the diverse range of needs presented by the children/young people in a family orientated environment. We aim to provide a service that is valued by the communities we serve.

We are proud of our professional staff who add value to our ethos. Our staff have an unwavering commitment to provide children and young people with quality care services. Our staff are fully committed to the principles of equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice and recognise, accept, and celebrate diversity, as well as the concept of developing social cohesion.

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