Hypnosis For Chronic Pain

What Patients Say

Manage Chronic Pain With Therapeutic Hypnosis

Hypnosis for chronic pain is an effective method to lessen chronic pain and provide remarkable relief to those who suffer from it.

A recent analysis of 18 studies by researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York revealed significant pain-relieving effects from Therapeutic Hypnosis, supporting the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for pain management.

Hypnosis is useful in relieving pain in childbirth, (hypnobirthing) as well as for surgical and dental operations. Studies have shown hypnosis to be effective for pre- and post- surgery.

The use of imagery is also a very powerful and successful method in dealing with pain. Assisting you in “turning down” your pain is the key in this process. I am certified in pain management and want you to be in control and I teach you how, and give you the tools to ease your anxieties and release your discomfort.

Through the deeply relaxing state of hypnosis, you can reduce — or even eliminate — mild to chronic pain.


*Individual results may vary; since every person is different some issues are resolved more quickly in some individuals than others.

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