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Your conscious mind stays awake and still makes decisions. You have full control and you can concentrate intensely on a specific thought, memory, feeling or sensation while blocking out distractions. This makes the subconscious more receptive to any suggestion that the conscious mind want to let in. Hypnosis is an insight technique which forces the subconscious mind into a state of re organisation, changing your perspective regarding the circumstances and perhaps yourself, as well as the others involved.

Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical factor of the mind (that part that compares new information with old information already stored in the subconscious mind) and acceptance of acceptable selective thinking. Hypnosis allow us to bypass this comparing mechanism so that information can go right into the subconscious mind and affect our limiting beliefs and our habits so we can make powerful change right away.

Hypnosis is not “mind control.” This is just an illusion. You are not asleep, just deeply relaxed but completely aware. You won’t say or do anything you don’t want to. What you will do, is discover you were born with a set of incredibly powerful tools for positive change you simply haven’t yet uncovered or developed.

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Hypnosis creates a state of deep relaxation and quiets the mind. Hypnosis is a focused state of mind. Hypnosis can help you succeed when nothing else has worked! Hypnosis is one of the fastest growing fields of human achievement. As a Hypnotherapist I am working with people who are frustrated because nothing else has helped them achieve their goals.


Hypnotherapy can be used to treat several problems and conditions. From quitting smoking and depression to PTSD, your hypnotherapist can help you break free from all the things that are holding you back. One of the most commonly asked questions about hypnotherapy is how many sessions you will need.

There’s no magic number and there’s no real way of knowing exactly how many sessions you’ll need. Some people enjoy immediate results within their first session whereas others need six, seven or more sessions. It all comes down to the problem itself and if there’s more than one issue to deal with.

Another factor to consider is that people are all different and, as such, we all react differently to this form of therapy. Some require several sessions because the trauma or problem is so complex that it needs to be resolved bit by bit. In some cases, identifying the root of the problem is just the beginning and it will take more time and effort to work through everything. Even once you get your life back on track, it might also be a good idea to schedule regular sessions with a professional therapist to make sure that you’re not faced with any hurdles you cannot handle.

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